CORSAIR DOWN! Tales of Rescue & Survival in World War II

The Vought F4U Corsair was the greatest U.S. Navy & Marine fighter plane during WWII but survival was not guaranteed for its pilots. This book explores the missions that awry and the means the U.S. military utilized to bring their pilots home. Firsthand accounts from many surviving WWII pilots are included. Expected landing 2021.


RAMPAGE! Fast Carriers in the South China Sea, January 1945.

In a bold move, Admiral Halsey ordered his Fast Carrier Task Force 38 into the South China Sea. Surrounded by on all sides by enemy held territory, the American warships attacked Luzon, Formosa, Hong Kong, and French Indo-China but along the way, the teenage crews had to battle winter storms as well as the Japanese. Still on the ways but hopefully commission by 2023.


THE BIG LITTLE KINGFISHER RESCUE BOOK: Tales from the Pacific in World War II

Catapulted from battleships and cruisers, the Vought OS2U Kingfisher was never designed for open sea rescues. Yet, as the only amphibious planes with the Fast Carrier Task Force 38/58, the little Kingfishers were called upon to rescue downed pilots in dangerous conditions. Tales of heroism.


ESCAPE! The Saga of Six U.S. Navy fliers trapped in French Indo-China