For three-quarters of a century, World War II has remained as one of the most written about non-fiction topics. And yet, untold important stories still exist.

The son of an Army officer and a military librarian, Martin Irons was raised in an environment that fueled his interest in history and World War II. As a child on post, he played with his brother in derelict B-29 Superfortress bombers. Playing soldier, he and the other kids used Army surplus gear. Toy soldiers led to building WWII model tanks, planes, and ships. The quest for the background information of important battles led to the start of a collection of World War II literature early in life. Family trips and vacations included visits to Army forts and Navy ports. “The Great Escape”, “The World at War”, and “Baa Baa Blacksheep” further flamed his thirst for  WWII knowledge.

Using his background as a scientist and former Army Reserve officer, Irons labors to bring unwritten World War II stories to light. Firsthand accounts by surviving World War II sailors, marines, and pilots bring his narratives to life.

Phalanx Against the Divine Wind: Protecting the Fast Carrier Task Force During World War 2 is his first book. Several more exciting projects are now in development.